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S1 and HowTo tutes [Apr. 10th, 2004|06:01 pm]
AngelSK's Support Docs


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Usual disclaimer: user not a SupportHelp.  Personal reference only.


Customisation (S1) tutorials:

* Add a counter (Counters/ [all])
* Adding an image between comment links -- [generator], [tabular indent], [def, pun, NP, refried, C&S, disjoint, mag] (Comments Link - Images Between/ [disjointed]/ [generator]/ [notepad]/ [punquin]/ [refried paper]/ [tabular indent])
* Adding Background Images to Certain Elements of Your Journal (@ GLOBAL_HEAD/ Background Images)
* Adding Navigation Links -- [punquin], [default], [generator], [magazine], [disjointed], [refried paper], [tabular indent] (Adding Navigation Links/ [default]/ [disjointed]/ [generator]/ [magazine]/ [punquin]/ [refried paper]/ [tabular indent])
* Adding User Pictures to the Disjointed Style Friends Page (User Pictures/ [disjointed]/ [paid accounts only])
* Background Colors -- [refried paper] (Background Colors/ [refried paper])
* Blur, glow, and other text filters (CSS/ Filters/ Link Color and Decoration/ [all])
* Change the cursor! (Cursors/ [all])
* Change the Size, Color, and Font of Certain Words (Using Font and Span) (General Tutorials/ Fonts/ Text alteration)
* Changing Certain Font Aspects (*)
* Content Table Resize [tabular indent], [generator][clean and simple] (Content Resize Realign/ [clean and simple]/ [generator]/ [tabular indent])
* Content Table Resizing and Realignment -- [punquin], [default], [magazine] (Content Resize Realign/ [default]/ [magazine]/ [punquin])
* Content Table Resizing and Realignment and Background Image -- [refried paper] (Content Resize Realign/ [refried paper])
* Content Table Transparency -- [all], [disjointed] (Opacity/ Transparency/ [all]/ [disjointed])
* Creating a Border Around Entries -- [clean and simple], [punquin], [generator][tabular indent], [disjointed], [default] (Entry Borders/ [clean and simple]/ [default]/ [disjointed]/ [generator]/ [punquin]/ [tabular indent])
* CSS text and link alteration (CSS/ Link Color and Decoration/ Link alteration/ Text alteration/ [all])
* Custom Scrollbar colors (Scrollbar/ [all])
* Customize Time and Date Display for Entries (Date and Time Display/ [all])
* Customizing link text in navigation banner (Navigation banner/ [generator])
* Different Font Styles for Different Elements -- [generator] (Fonts/ [generator])
* Disabling the user picture of a particular user -- [paid accounts only] (Friends Page)
* Disabling the user picture of a particular user -- [paid accounts only] (User Pictures/ [all]/ [paid accounts only])
* Displayed Name Customization -- [generator] (Displayed Name/ [generator])
* Displayed Title Customization -- [punquin], [tabular indent] (Displayed Title/ [punquin]/ [tabular indent])
* Displaying Your User Pictures with Your Recent Entries -- [all] (User Pictures/ User Pictures - Show with recent entries/ [all])
* Embedding background music (Background music/ [all]/ [paid accounts only])
* Entries Table Resizing and Realignment -- [disjointed] (Content Resize Realign/ [disjointed])
* Extended Comments Links Pluralization (Comment Link Pluralization/ [all])
* Favicon Tutorial (General Tutorials/ Favicon)
* Font customization -- [tabular indent], [refried paper] (Fonts/ [refried paper]/ [tabular indent])
* Forcing the Font on Your Friends Page (Fonts/ Friends Page/ [all])
* GLOBAL_HEAD Tutorial (!Important/ @ GLOBAL_HEAD)
* Link Color and Decoration -- [refried paper] (Link Color and Decoration/ [refried paper])
* Making the heart and other symbols (Heart symbol/ Symbols)
* Merging your GLOBAL_HEAD over-rides (!Important/ @ GLOBAL_HEAD/ Merging GLOBAL_HEAD)
* More on Background Images (Background Images/ [all])
* Options for Comments Link Placement -- [generator] (Comment Link Placement/ [generator])
* Page Transitions - Internet Explorer Only (Page Transitions/ [all])
* Removing Bold and Italics from Subjects -- [default] (Fonts)
* Removing Bold and Italics from Subjects -- [default] (Remove Bold and Italics/ [default])
* Removing currents from friends page -- [paid accounts only] (Currents - Removing from Friends Page/ [paid accounts only])
* Renaming "current mood" and "current music." -- [paid accounts only] (Currents - Changing Text of/ [all]/ [paid accounts only])
* Reversing Sidebar -- [disjointed][refried paper][punquin] (Reversing Sidebar/ [disjointed]/ [punquin]/ [refried paper])
* Shifting Journal Contents Downward (Shifting Journal Contents Downward/ [all])
* Suppression of Website Link (Website Link/ [all])
* Title Change (<title>/ Browser Title)
* Using Frames in Your Journal (Frames/ [all]/ [paid accounts only])
* What are overrides? How do they work? (!Important)

Other tutorials (not Web/Client):

* Guide to customview.cgi (General Tutorials/ Customview.cgi)
* "Swapping" the names of two journals (Changing journal names/ Swapping journal names)
* Using and maintaining a "shared" journal (Shared journals/ Shared Journals - Maintaining/ Shared Journals - Using)

[User Picture]From: angelsk
2009-08-28 09:26 pm (UTC)
Can I just transfer it over to you? And then you can use/clean out/etc?


PS: Or if that's not possible, then sure :)

angelsk_support would do.

Edited at 2009-08-28 09:28 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: coffeechica
2009-08-28 09:38 pm (UTC)
Done! You are now angelsk_support.

And thank you so very much. :-)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: angelsk
2009-08-28 09:40 pm (UTC)
No problem. Glad to help.
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