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A Guide to Commenting [Sep. 19th, 2003|11:00 am]
AngelSK's Support Docs


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A Guide to Commenting.

What does this include?

* What does parent/thread mean?
* I can't leave comments in my friend's journal (from both users and non-users).
* How do I screen/unscreen my comments?
* How do I set up my message board?
* Why aren't I getting my comment notification emails?
* Why am I receiving multiple comments notifications?
* I can't reply/I'm having problems replying to comments via email
* I can't reply to comments, I clicked on the link but it doesn't work
* I can't post comments to a post, there's no link (could be Web UI)
* How do I log someone's IP address/What does it mean that someone is logging my IP address?
* I want to know who left this nasty comment in my journal-- I have their IP address.
* Why do I have "0" comments? Why do the number of comments on my entry not match what it says on my post?
* The number of comments I have in my email doesn't match what's on my journal.
* The number of comments I received (on my profile) is different from the number I have on my journal. (Web UI if code problem)
* I want to delete comments someone left in my post in a community.
* I wrote a long comment and lost it when I clicked "Back" after an error message!
* I want to ban one person from commenting in my journal.

Related Issues:

* Customising comments links (Style Systems)
* Adding an image inbetween comment links (Style Systems)
* I want my comments to look like exampleusername's. See? There! Give me the code for that! (Style Systems)
* Validation Issues (General/Unknown)

Useful Documents:

* Tutorial: Comments - howtosupport